School radio – why?

The first impression may be deceptive. RADIO AKTIV, as the name suggests, is much more than mere break time entertainment. What began at the Herzogenmühle School as a small emergency experiment has become a formative element of school building culture.

Identification with the school

Why should I get involved in a community I don't know? Why should I care about school facilities if they don't mean anything to me? In an anonymous school, the risk of violence, indifference and vandalism is significantly higher than in a school community that actively cultivates a school building culture.

A radio station in the school house generates a high degree of identification. RADIO AKTIV thrives primarily on the motivation of its pupils. Their music, their passion, their wishes, longings and problems are expressed here in an authentic way. The radio as an institution belongs to them, they shape it themselves. RADIO AKTIV's technical equipment is expensive. It is available to many people, but in all those years it has never been deliberately destroyed.

Being in the public eye creates solidarity

The opportunity to speak in public creates unusual situations on the schoolyard. Greetings are passed on, opinions are expressed and everyone listens. A rapper reaches for the wireless and makes a spontaneous performance. A girl decides to assert her love for her friend during a broadcast and to apologize for a mistake. The two finally fall into each other's arms to the rapturous applause of the audience. And the troublemakers? Needless to say, they haven't disappeared, but they do not stand a chance. The music and the good vibes always win!

Rules are indispensable

RADIO AKTIV broadcasts reach nearly all young people on the schoolyard. This wide-ranging impact should not be exploited and the responsibility of the moderators and reporters at the microphone gets addressed. There are clear rules at RADIO AKTIV. Unfair behaviour and crude language lead to a radio ban. However, hardly anyone is bothered by the RADIO AKTIV rules. They are simply an integral part of the game and guarantee a peaceful, friendly tone of voice at the radio station.



Who's doing the moderation this time? I can't stand this song! Who has the questions for the interview with Christoph Schwegler? And why not? Oh my God, just one more minute...

Five teenagers are sitting around a table spellbound, practicing successful teamwork without even noticing it. Being in a live situation in front of 150 listeners makes them nervous and demands maximum attention. The team wants to succeed in the presence of its audience. If someone fails to make the effort, the whole team will start to skid. Good teamwork is the most important prerequisite for a successful show.

Making yourself understood

Only very few young people are able to clearly and comprehensibly present a matter to the microphone. However, the radio situation forces them to do so. If you present badly, you'll receive criticism from the audience later. For the moderators, an interview or a feature are linguistic challenges if they are to be understood by all listeners on the schoolyard. A school radio station thus becomes a repository of activities to promote language and performance skills - an highly effective educational aspect that the teenagers do not even notice in fervour.


Generation P knows the ropes

In the age of the podcast, the technical and financial expenditure for a school radio station has become quite manageable. Instructions for the construction of inexpensive home radio studios can be found all over the Internet. In each class there will surely be at least one student working on his influencer career and familiar with bedroom studio technology. Nowadays, the conditions for setting up a school radio station are therefore most favorable. And if you are looking for a little extra - we are happy to provide you with further information.