RADIO AKTIV – the song

Our school rocks!


Behind the Scenes

See how the music-videoclip «RADIO AKTIV» has come about.

RADIO AKTIV – Facts at 10 o'clock

The special news and entertainment show – broadcast only by our radio professionals


RADIO AKTIV – on Swiss television

A portrait of our radio-station on Swiss television

RADIO AKTIV – how it all started

This movie was shot in 2006 and shows the story of RADIO AKTIV from the very beginning.


RADIO AKTIV – a station ID from Zurich's mayor

We have testimonials from numerous celebrities, such as superstar Sting. Recently, a team from RADIO AKTIV was received by the mayor of Zurich for a station ID recording.

JAMES BROWN in Schwamendingen

No student leaves our school without having experienced the legacy of James Brown. Introducing public school students to Funk is an imperative necessity and one of the main objectives of our school. In 2018, Abdoulaye (feat. class Leibinger) honoured the "hardest working man in showbusiness" in an outstanding performance.


Say Bye-bye

Leaving our school after three years is not an easy step. There is no holding back tears as you walk through the alley of all your friends, colleagues and teachers, wave goodbye for the last time and head towards the future.


The RuTo Clan and our entire school have known for a long time: Secondary schools in the canton of Zurich need more funk! But there are hardly any lessons for it. Before music gets completely shot down in the next curriculum, we say it loud and clear once again:

We need mo' funk in da trunk!